What Is TYLEC and Who Is It For ?

TYLEC stands for Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate, and it is one of the two most widely recognised international qualifications in teaching English Language to Young Learners (YL). The qualification was developed by Trinity College, London University, as an extension course to better equip CELTA or equivalently qualified teachers with YL-specific in-service training. It is equivalent to the Cambridge English CELTA YL Extension course, but certifies anyone who completes course requirements, regardless of prior qualifications.

Course content
This is a practical course which involves workshops and assessed teaching YLs at two different levels. Most course participants find the course rewarding and informative. The course is made up of:

  • Over 40 hours of input, assisted lesson planning time, and tutorial sessions.
  • 5 observations (1 diagnostic; 4 assessed) of one contact hour each for each course participant.
  • 6 tasked guided observations of experienced teachers (video observations and live with task sheets provided).
  • 3 assignments:
  • 1/ Developmental Action Points Log and Teaching Practice Journal
  • 2/ Guided Observation Journal
  • 3/ Materials Assignment
  • A timetabled visit from an external moderator appointed by Trinity, with group and individual interviews for every CP, and a feedback session with the lead tutor / course director.

TYLEC at The ELT Hub
Our course is taught by qualified and expert teachers of Young Learners, and on premises set aside for YL classes. The course takes place over 15 days (3 full weeks).