CELTA Employment

As the single biggest provider of English teacher training in France, The ELT Hub is able to help you find work both here in France and throughout the world :

  • We are regularly solicited by employers both locally and internationally asking for CELTA graduates. We have an organic relationship with many medium and large sized language companies who trust the quality of CELTA graduates we send them.
  • We are part of the Chamber of Commerce network in France which has the second biggest turnover in English Language teaching in the country. Thanks to the fact that you do your CELTA with us, we can recommend you to any Chamber of Commerce in France.
  • Thanks to our national reach, and our involvement in teacher training initiatives throughout the country, we have a very large database of language schools throughout France. We know who’s doing well, who’s employing at the moment, and additionally, we often personally know the owner of the school.
  • Not only do we help you get started but we also help you deal with administrative issues that might arise in your first job. We’re happy to help you handle the paperwork with your first employer so as to ensure you find your feet.