Accommodation in the Lyon area

Lyon is a large city with a very efficient metro system. We pick our host families with careful attention to their proximity to a metro station so that we can tell how how long your journey to the CELTA centre is. We have a variety of host families who are happy to have you to stay. You always have your own room, free run of their kitchen and access to their wi-fi. The price is usually between €400 – €450 for the four weeks of your stay. We also have some self-contained accommodation available which tend to be more expensive.

Houses in Lyon are known for their charm and their tasteful architecture. We believe that being surrounded by beautiful things helps make your CELTA that extra bit special !

We send out a list of our accommodation options at least a month before the course starts so that you can organise your trip well in advance and contact your hosts, who are often willing to come and meet you at the train station or airport.