Irina after the Summer course in Brittany :
« I am grateful for the course I had an opportunity to have in this school. It changed my life. No jokes. Now I have a clear idea of what I’m doing, I earn a bit more, I have the job of my dreams and I do tutoring with amazing people who are open to my methodological experiments and we both benefit from it. Now I work within a project called Cambridge English dealing with little angels and preparing them for KET, Pet etc.

I continue attending elt meet ups but now I feel how « small and narrow » they are. Celta had everything in it and now I can miss those meet ups with no doubt. »

Eva after the September course in Brittany :
« For me the 5 week course meant I had an extra day to breathe each week. I was able to take time to further absorb the week’s input sessions and catch up with any necessary study, as well as have some pleasant walks by the beautiful river. It allowed me to both keep fully on-top of my workload and restore my equilibrium for the week ahead. I would describe that extra day off a week as my personal celta ‘safety net’.

The venue for input sessions was absolutely beautiful, as was the hospitality of our hosts at the CIEL Bretagne. This eased the stress of a busy week. Walking down to the riverside to gather and reflect upon my thoughts on a daily basis was a gift in my day. I cant imagine having to deal with commuting around a busy city at the same time as coping with CELTA workload. Personally I far preferred having no city distractions and being able to stay fully concentrated on my studies. Five weeks in beautiful Brittany was the perfect choice. »

Katie after the September course in Brittany :
« Simon & Jane ; it humanised the whole thing. I felt their support the whole time, they were with us the whole time. Challenging ; they don’t give it to you but they certainly help you. »

« Neil has been an inspirational teacher whose broad knowledge and experience has made him a great tutor and mentor. Alina has taught me how to be more thorough with my planning and teaching methods which has gievn me a great deal of self-confiodence when actually teaching. »

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« The course is a huge learning curve, and has given me a new level of respect for what teaching involves; the preparation, the challenge, the rewards in the classroom »

« The CCI is a great place to come and do this course. The facilities were just right and the atmosphere always good. »

« The feedback was given in a very professional, supportive manner by both tutors. I think, aside from the practice itself, that this was the most important part of the course. The tutors’ thoroughness in feedback sessions was wonderful! »

« Jane was a great help and always kind and concerned for people’s well-being. I have truely enjoyed this experience, a real challenge…. one of the toughest experiences in my life, and I’ve done some tough things in my life! »

« Input excellent. Content, delivery and enthusiasm/motivation throughout was 5 star »

« Very tough, very demanding – gets the best out of trainees. Makes one feel very pleased with the completion – acheivement. Tutors were brilliant, very open and approachable. Somebody to look up to at all points »

« Before the course, I had so many doubts about my English and especially as I still and always will have a French accent. But you reassured me and all my fellow students did too. I will never forget that and I will always be very grateful for that. »

« Although it was intense, I really loved the course. I was given all the materials, input and feedback I felt I needed to succeed – thank you so much! »