Trinity College London Licentiate Diploma in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

The Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (DipTESOL) is equivalent to a Cambridge DELTA and is an internationally respected, prestigious qualification for experienced teachers of ESOL/EFL. In contrast to the Cambridge DELTA, the Trinity DipTESOL provides more of a focus on phonology and all units of our DipTESOL programme run in parallel with a chance to start on your individual research projects right at the beginning.

For the assessed teaching practice component of the course you have the maximum flexibility of either having your lessons with your existing classes assessed at a distance or coming to one of our centres in France and teaching classes that we set up for you. Online teaching is also an option in these new rather uncertain COVID times.

For the theoretical component of the course you follow our structured course using our Moodle with its extensivce embedded reading, obligatory written assignments, reflective tasks in which you relate your studying to your present classroom practice and forums in which you discuss with your colleagues and your tutors.

It is ideal if you are looking for the step in your ELT career and you are ready to gain an advanced qualification in ELT which will impress employers worldwide. The Trinity DipTESOL will transform your teaching and help you move into roles such as examiner, course book writer, teacher trainer or school manager.

The DipTESOL is regulated in England by Ofqual and registered at Level 7 on the UK Ofqual Regulated Qualifications Framework, the same level as master’s degrees and many other post-graduate qualifications.

Study for 12 months online (about 4-6 hours per week) followed by 3 weeks face to face at one of our three centres in France (Brittany, Strasbourg and Lyon) or 100% online in the case of lockdown due to Covid-19.

Total course duration is 12 – 14 months on average.

Practical : Emphasis throughout the course on developing teaching skills and applying insights to your classroom.

Phonology: Emphasis on teaching pronunciation unique to the Trinity course and highly valued by our graduates.

Convenient: Option to submit video lessons as part of your assessed teaching practice.

Flexible: Work at times to suit your weekly schedule. Choose from 3 dates for the written exam and submit your portfolio when you are ready. Take up to 3 years to complete the course if you need to.

Supportive: Receive unlimited support via email and Skype from our DipTESOL team of tutors.

Transformational: Develop your teaching skills and improve your chances of finding some of the best positions in ELT via our careers service.

Recognised: Gain a prestigious, internationally-recognized and advanced qualification in ELT.

How will I be assessed?

There are four assessed units on The Trinity DipTESOL course. Unit 1 and Unit 3 are assessed by Trinity College London and Unit 2 and Unit 4 by Trinity College London and The ELT Hub together.

• Unit 1 – A written exam taken in one of our centres, or in another Trinity-approved exam centre, in May, August or November. The paper is three hours long and consists of a grammar section and two sections with essay questions about teaching and learning.

• Unit 2 – A coursework portfolio including three action research projects. The projects involve observation of other trained teachers, reflection on your own teaching and a research project where you collect data. The expertise of your tutor will be matched to your chosen field. Work on the portfolio will be completed throughout the course You will need to base the reflection task on teaching a group or groups of at least 6 students for 15 hours in total.

• Unit 3 – A 30-minute interview with a Trinity examiner on phonetics and phonology.

• Unit 4 – Assessment of your teaching of five one-hour lessons, each preceded by a discussion of your lesson plan (10 minutes) and followed by a discussion of the lesson with the examiner (20 minutes). Four lessons are assessed by The ELT Hub tutors, the fifth by a Trinity examiner. For this part of the exam, you will be partly teaching your own students and your lessons will be assessed by video and partly teaching students at one of our centres.


Once you have completed the course and passed the assessments you will be awarded the Trinity Diploma in TESOL. This is an internationally recognized and respected advanced professional qualification for English Language Teaching. Many UK universities are now offering credits and/or exemptions on their MA and other courses for those who have obtained their DipTESOL. This qualification opens doors into other areas of the ELT profession. Our graduates have gone on to become:

• Teacher Trainers

• Coursebook Writers

• Directors of Studies

• School Managers and Owners

See the required reading list for this course