The Region

The town and the surrounding region

People come to the Auvergne for its vast spaces, its beautiful nature and authentic culture. Whether you want to put on your walking boots, canoe down a wild river or just hole up in a country auberge you’ll feel good in the Auvergne. The history of France is round every street corner here and, comfortably ensconced in our CELTA centre, we certainly feel its presence.

In Puy you can stroll down to the local market for your shopping and you’ll probably bump into some pilgrims en route as it also happens to be the crossroads for those coming from Switzerland and northern Europe en route to St Jacques of Compostela. After teaching practice it’s nice to huddle round a table in one of the many taverns and restaurants in the town and with the help of some really excellent red wines from the region mull over the events of the day.