The Centre

The Strasbourg Chamber of Commerce with its Centre of International Language Learning has been offering classes in English to all types of people from the unemployed to company heads for over 30 years. It is the most important centre in the east of France for all Cambridge exams, including FCE, KET, CPE and ILEC.

The training centre is a very modern building just 1 Km from the city centre. Equipped with comfortable teaching rooms, a media centre, library and cafeteria, it provides the perfect environment for language study. Strasbourg is not a huge city and you will most likely be able to go to your classes by bicycle. So much more agreable than sitting in a commuter train!

Strasbourg is the destination for exploring the political and economic issues which influence language learning in Europe today. On the frontier between France and Germany, home to the magnificant new European Parliament building, the language unit of the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg is the city where European policies are made. It is also a vibrant, multicultural city which has long struggled with the conflicting interests of Europe’s two major languages, French and German. As English becomes more and more the language of commerce and international communication in Europe, there is nowhere more interesting than Strasbourg to watch this happen.

Strasbourg is also the capital of the Alsace region of France. Beautiful forests, mountains and vineyards are its characteristic features. The quality of life here is very good, and during your stay in Strasbourg you will be able to sample those uniquely French pleasures of life: wonderful food, beautiful scenery and, at least here in the Alsace, a not too hurried approach to the question of good living.

However, remember that CELTA courses, in particular, are extremely intensive. If this is your first visit to Strasbourg, do build in time either before or after your course to look around as you probably won’t get a lot of time to do so during your CELTA !