Dates And Fees

CELTA 2021

Strasbourg site :
17th February – 17th March
28th June – 24th July
8th September – 6th October
15th November – 10th December

Lyon site :
6th April – 30th April
31st May – 25th June
4th October – 29th October
15th November – 10th December

Brittany site :
6th April – 6th May
1st August – 2nd September
6th September – 7th October

11th January – 12th February
1st March – 2nd April
3rd May – 4th June
11th October – 12th November

We run smaller more exclusive groups than normal for our CELTA online programme to ensure that you get the necessary support in dealing with teaching practice in an online environment.

Price :
Between € 1,700 and € 1,900 according to dates, whether you apply directly or through Pole Emploi. Please contact us directly at for further information.

TYLEC (Teaching Young Learners Extension Certificate) 2021

12th July – 30th July in Brittany
Price : € 1,500