Our programme


• Twelve months online training via our custom designed Moodle platform with a group of up to 12 fellow teachers and our team of tutors, participating in forums, webinars, live video classes and e mail exchanges with fellow students and tutors.

• Thirty six, week-long modules (with some rest weeks in between) led by one of our tutor team which you are expected to contribute to regularly, but the interaction is not scheduled, so you can log into the course throughout the week to suit your own working day.

• Regular assignments helping you comprehensively prepare for exams and receive written feedback from your tutor so that you can visualise your development and performance against Trinity’s benchmark.

• The possibility of starting at any point in the year.

What can I expect to learn during the online phase?

Our goal is to provide a course which is dynamic and practical and meets the needs of the participants so your work of guided study will be backed up with tasks which get you to apply ideas in your own classroom. With a team of highly experienced and qualified tutors, the online modules will help you to deepen your theoretical knowledge and practical skills while preparing for the four assessed units of the Trinity DipTESOL course:

• Unit 1 : Teacher Development and Language Awareness

• Unit 2 : Research projects

• Unit 3 : Phonology

• Unit 4 : Teaching practice

In line with the development of online teaching we offer the possibility of teaching at least half your assessed lessons with your own students either in a real classroom or in an online teaching environment. These lessons will be assessed either via streaming or by video recording.


This follows the online phase. Two weeks face-to-face in Lyon, Strasbourg, Brittany or 100% online in the case of lockdown due to Covid-19. There are various options for dates. This phase includes:

• Teaching practice, including lesson planning, observation and feedback from tutors.

• Time working individually and with support from tutors. You will have one or two internally assessed lessons and one externally with a Trinity examiner. You will also have an opportunity to be teaching without being assessed to get to know the students and get feedback and advice from tutors.

• External assessment of phonology and teaching practice with Trinity examiner.

• In total, you will be studying in the school over 3 weeks.

• Options depending on location