In-Company Teacher Training for Practising Teachers

If you’re looking to upgrade the skills of your language teachers with a short intensive course we can come to your school and give workshops on whatever it is your teachers most need help with. Here is an example of the workshops we currently run the most often :

How to teach grammar
Bringing the textbook to life
Task-based learning
Making your lessons communicative
Getting your students to speak
Classroom dynamics
How to teach listening
Teaching imaginative writing lessons
Phonology: individual sounds
Phonology: stress, intonation, connected speech
Assessment techniques
How to evaluate using the European Framework (for both English teachers and FLE teachers)
Error correction techniques
Teaching 1:1
Improving your language awareness :

  • tense, time & aspect
  • Modal verbs
  • Lexical chunks

For an example of how a workshop is structured here’s the outline of our Phonology workshop :

Course Aims
The course aims to give you practical ideas for helping learners improve different aspects of their pronunciation. Participants will learn about the phonemic chart, and benefit from suggestions about how to use it in class. Sessions will explore individual sounds, word stress, sentence stress, intonation and connected speech and in each case combine a grounding in basic theory with practical and motivating approaches to developing learners pronunciation in the classroom. The course will remain firmly rooted in practical techniques and will not explore more theoretical elements such as place & manner of articulation.

Course Components
Each afternoon session will be divided into two related seminars. These will blend awareness-raising discovery activities with interactive demonstrations of activities. Course participants will be given informal homework assignments; they will be encouraged where possible to try out these demonstrated activities with their own students before the next session, at which point the course tutor will invite brief reflection and feedback on how the trial went what worked well, and what was less effective.

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