TKT Preparation with The ELT Hub

How the programme works:

Online preparation for Module One, Two and Three of the TKT:

You will work in small groups (no more than six to a group) using the Cambridge online TKT programme. Your work will be moderated by a distance tutor qualified by Cambridge.

You will submit your tasks and your projects to the tutor for feedback. You will also be able to participate in Skype seminars with your group which will be run by your tutor.

You can sit the Teaching Knowledge Test here in Strasbourg or at another certified Cambridge centre anywhere in the world.

The online preparation programme will run over six months. It may be possible to extend this if the group agrees this with the moderating tutor.

The TKT CLIL Module:

Special online and ‘in situ’ support can be provided for those wishing to take the CLIL module and who already work in a school or university setting. Contact us for more details.