We have two types of accommodation in Puy en Velay:  rooms in an apartment within the school, only a floor away from the teaching rooms, or rooms with our local host families.  

The apartment is a unique opportunity to live somewhere full of old French charm.  It is reached by an stone spiral stairway, and has newly renovated simple single rooms with sink, and a communal sitting/dining area, a kitchen and two shower rooms.  Apart from sharing stunning views, you will be able to share evenings with some of your CELTA colleagues which many candidates find supportive on such an intensive course.  Wifi is available.  Two of the rooms are a little removed from the rest and have an en suite.  Prices range from 300-350 euros for the five weeks.

With the host families, you are walking or cycling distance away from the school, with your own room, free run of your hosts’ kitchen and access to their wi-fi. The price is usually between €400 – €600 for the five weeks of your stay depending on the facilities available.