Accommodation in the Strasbourg area

Tips for your stay :

Strasbourg functions very well thanks to an amazing network of electric trams and efficient suburban rail service. It is also famous in France for being very ‘bike friendly’ and in the summer it resembles what I imagine Shanghai used to look like before they discovered cars! You can put your bike on the tram and hire them (with basket) for next to nothing from “Velhop”. So I really recommend this as the smart way to get around.

I personally know all the hosts. Whilst you may think you just want to shut yourself away in splendid isolation during your CELTA, it can actually be very helpful to have someone around to talk to, particularly in case of mishap. In my experience, it’s the candidates who have chosen to stay with people who have got through the trials and tribulations the best.

We have a variety of host families who are happy to have you to stay during your CELTA. You always have your own room, free run of their kitchen and access to their wi-fi. The price is usually between €400 – €450 for the four weeks of your stay.

To give you an idea of their houses :

We also have people who own beautiful old Alsacien houses just outside Strasbourg who offer rooms or self-contained studios. These can be converted stables, farmhouses and country houses.
Care is take to make sure that these places are either on a direct train route into the city, or a direct bus route. Journey time from these more outlying places is usually 20 minutes into the centre of Strasbourg.
The cost of a selfcontained studio is usually between €500 – €600 for the four weeks. We do our best to cater to everyone’s needs to the best of our ability. The kindness and the welcome provided by our local hosts helps reduce stress and goes a long way towards making your stay in Strasbourg an enjoyable one.